FEBRUARY 18th - 20th 2022, FORT WORTH TX

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The Horton Challenge Competition Dates:

February 18th - 20th 2022

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Competition Info

Get ready to be a part of a dynamic and competitive gymnastics competition lead by 2x U.S. Olympian, Jonathan Horton.  Test your skills as you will compete with the best gymnasts in the country...


The 2022 Horton Challenge Schedule will be posted at leats 6 weeks before the meet "travel date" (Thursday January 6th)

We understand that everyone needs to book airline tickets. We STRONGLY encorage you NOT TO BOOK FLIGHTS before you know the schedule. It will most likly NOT be possible to alter the schedule if it does not work with your flights.

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Where to Stay

The competition will take place at the Fort Worth Convention center in beautiful Downtown Fort Worth, Texas.  Check out group rates at several amazing hotel destinations we've handpicked for this event.

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Nationwide competitors from: